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During this time of physical isolation, most of us are spending some unexpectedly long hours in the same space with our partners and families. For some of us this is great! For many of us, it’s just been really hard. We see you.

This workshop will focus on 4 concepts related to connecting & relationships to help support you during this extra time at home. Counselling therapist, Kendra Higgs is teaming up with long time marriage and family therapist, her Dad, Dr. Ken Neilson to offer this online workshop. This workshop will combine the presentation of key concepts related to relationships (like what gets in the way of connecting and how to create rituals of connection) and time for you to reflect/write about what you’re experiencing right now. Though this workshop will emphasize the couple relationship, concepts will be applicable to families of all kinds. We hope this is a place of hope and honesty as we all navigate this challenging and uncertain season together.

What: Online live workshop.

Who: Anyone who wants some ideas, thoughts and support for this extra time @ home with family.

When: April 11th, 10 am, ADT

Cost: $20 (Please Note: We understand this is a financially difficult time for many. If the registration fee is a barrier to your receiving this service, but you feel it may provide you with tools you need right now, please fill in the contact form below to let us know and we will be in touch.)

Please note: The material and presentation in this workshop are copyrighted and for the private use of the participant. Work referenced in the presentation is copyrighted by the authors and references will be available at the end of the workshop.

About Ken:

Ken is a professional counsellor/educator with close to 30 years experience and co-founder/developer of In the Stillness Retreat Centre in beautiful St. Martins, NB. His designations include: Licensed Counselling Therapist (CCNTB); Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCPA) and an Ordained Deacon in the Nazarene church. Ken is Dad to four adult children and “Papa” (Grandpa) to four kiddos (with one more on the way!).

His Education and Professional Designations are as follows:

  • Doctor of Ministry (Practical Theology) ADC, Acadia University
  • MA (Counselling and Family Psychology) Eastern Nazarene College
  • BA (Psychology, Philosophy)  University of Manitoba
  • BSL (Theology and Liberal Arts) Canadian Nazarene College

Ken specializes in Marriage and Family Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Loss, Spiritual Direction and Issues relating to Faith. Being trained in psychology as well as theology, Ken integrates the two into his counselling and teaching. You can read more about Ken and he and his wife Fay’s work at their retreat centre here.

About Kendra:

Kendra is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and a Licensed Counselling Therapist Candidate, with an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy. You can read more about Kendra by scrolling down to the about section.

The opportunity to support couples and families during this unprecedented time is something Kendra is so thankful to have the opportunity to do. This is hard right now.